5 Reasons To Stop Using WhatsApp (And Use Signal)

Stop Using Whatsapp vs Signal

While WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps available today, quitting the app is on the rise. It’s no coincidence that people have decided to stop using WhatsApp en masse lately. Where are they going? Mostly to Discord, Snapchat, Telegram, or WeChat. But a lot of ex-WhatsApp users are now moving to … Read more

Is It Safe To Backup WhatsApp To Google Drive?

WhatsApp Backup Google Drive Safe

Sometimes WhatsApp will ask for permission to back up your messages on Google Drive. Don’t panic! This is completely normal, and perhaps it’s a good idea to keep a copy of all those memories. But is it safe to store your WhatsApp data in the cloud? Absolutely. It is completely safe to backup Whatsapp messages … Read more

7 Key Reasons WhatsApp Is A Social Media Platform

Is Whatsapp Social Media

WhatsApp is a popular messaging service, but it’s also a social media platform. That might seem a bit counter-intuitive at first. But you’ll agree with me once you understand how we define social media. Let’s start with a simple definition of a social media platform: “A web-based and mobile-based Internet Application that allows the creation, … Read more

Hide WhatsApp Web Online Status Showing All The Time

Whatsapp Web Online Status All The Time

WhatsApp Web is an amazing way to use the popular messaging service from a computer. But it has one flaw: it will always show your status as ‘Online’. Since privacy is a major concern for WhatsApp users, I’ll help you fix this problem in a few simple steps. To hide your WhatsApp Web ‘online’ status, … Read more

Does Texting Or Calling On WhatsApp Cost Money?

Whatsapp Cost Money Or Free Call Text

Texting and calling have cost people money since the invention of the telephone itself. But now there is WhatsApp, the messaging service that uses the power of the internet to instantly deliver texts to your contacts all over the world. As a general rule, calling or texting with WhatsApp through a WiFi network is free. … Read more

Can Someone Listen To My Voice Calls On WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Secure Call Tapped

Using voice calls on WhatsApp is free: so why wouldn’t you use it? Well, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and perhaps someone can listen in on your calls. Is that even a possibility? Nobody is able to listen to your voice calls on WhatsApp, because all data on the messaging app is secured by end-to-end … Read more

Will Someone Know If I Check Their Last Seen On WhatsApp?

Check Last Seen Whatsapp Will They Know

Social norms on WhatsApp are complicated. You’re probably afraid that someone knows that they saw you ‘checking them out’. Don’t worry, you’re in the safe zone. If you check the ‘Last seen’ status of someone on WhatsApp, the WhatsApp contact is not able to see that. The other person will only be able to see … Read more

How To Improve WhatsApp Image, Audio, Or Video Compression

Does Whatsapp Compress Images Audio Video

If you want to share images, audio, or video files on WhatsApp, file sizes can be pretty big. If you’re on mobile data, this could add up to a lot of data. Despite the fact that the WhatsApp app will automatically compress media. Whatsapp does compress images, audio, and video when sending them in a … Read more

Do WhatsApp Messages Get Delivered When A Phone Is Off?

Do WhatsApp Messages Get Delivered When Phone Is Off

Sending messages on Whatsapp is easy, but knowing when friends or family are online on WhatsApp can be tricky. If the other person turned off their phone, how can you know if the message was delivered successfully? WhatsApp messages do not get delivered when a phone is off, or when your WhatsApp contact has no … Read more

How To Permanently Hide ‘Online’ Status On WhatsApp

Whatsapp Online Status Hidden

Don’t want friends or family to know when you were last online on Whatsapp? Hiding your ‘Online’ status on Whatsapp is quite simple. This article will help you keep your chat activity hidden from your contacts (or anyone else for that matter). Admittedly, the ability to hide your online status on WhatsApp is relatively limited. … Read more