Can Someone Listen To My Voice Calls On WhatsApp?

Using voice calls on WhatsApp is free: so why wouldn’t you use it? Well, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and perhaps someone can listen in on your calls. Is that even a possibility?

Nobody is able to listen to your voice calls on WhatsApp, because all data on the messaging app is secured by end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp does not record or intercept any calls, nor will someone be able to read your private messages.

There are no known backdoors that would allow WhatsApp, Facebook, or even the FBI to tap your calls using the application. Other than traditional mobile carriers that do keep logs, the popular messaging software is designed with privacy in mind.

The controversial new privacy update (May 15, 2021) does NOT change this. WhatsApp explicitly states the following in their controversial privacy-related update:


Whatsapp Spy Tap Intercept Phone Calls


Yes, the first thing they tell users in the new privacy update targets this very problem. According to WhatsApp: “We can’t read or listen to your personal conversations, as they are end-to-end encrypted. This will never change.


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WhatsApp Calls Cannot Be Tapped

Different from regular phone calls, it technically impossible to intercept a voice call on WhatsApp. The end-to-end encryption that is used for WhatsApp voice calls ensures that no third party is able to intercept a conversation. Not even WhatsApp itself is able to tap into the encrypted voice calls that the app uses.

Well, that is the official stance from Facebook, which is the owner of the widely popular messaging service.

Whatever is really going on behind the scenes, we will probably never get to know. But it seems to me that the end-to-end encryption is pretty secure. And let’s be honest, you’ll have to be a pretty serious criminal for someone to listen in on your calls. Just to be certain, make sure to wish the FBI man goodnight when you end the call.


The Conspiracy: Facebook Listens To Every Call

All jokes aside, Facebook does have a monetary incentive to listen in on your calls. Their business is to show you advertisements that are relevant to your person. WhatsApp does not show any in-app advertising. So how does Facebook make money off of your messaging data? By learning about your behavior.

Not too long ago, Business Insider published an article that took a deep dive into this widespread conspiracy theory. It’s so deeply rooted in society, that Facebook had to issue an official statement. Facebook claims they’re not listening to your phone’s microphone to serve you better ads.

But that was 2016, and Facebook acquired WhatsApp in the year 2014. Who knows what they managed to develop in the last 5 years. Right? We’ll probably never know. But let’s focus on the facts. The most recent privacy update has not changed anything.


The Controversial WhatsApp Privacy Update (May 2021)

Enter the newest mandatory Privacy Policy update, only a few days ago. A highly controversial update that reduces the freedom of users’ data privacy drastically. It made WhatsApp users anxious about the future of their privacy on the app.

In the mandatory update, a few changes were announced:

  • New options for messaging businesses
  • Improved transparency on data collection
  • Changes to shopping through WhatsApp


Which Data Is Gathered By WhatsApp?

Facebook has always been able to access a limited amount of data from WhatsApp users. But this data is collected by practically every app on your smartphone. The data access includes:

  • Your phone number
  • What device you’re using
  • Which access permissions are granted (you can change this in your phone settings)


The conspiracy that Facebook spies on WhatsApp users has never been proven. However, there is proof of the end-to-end encryption that secures messages and phone calls. Intercepting this data would be absolutely pointless. Encryption basically means that you need to have the “key” to decrypt the data. If you don’t have this key, the data collected is useless.

So you can safely chat to your friends about that product you recently bought. Facebook will not target you with ads for similar products. And the cops won’t know that you’re talking about your “questionable activities”. End-to-end encryption works, even for a widely popular app such as WhatsApp. Intercepting call data on the app is simply impossible. Case closed.

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