Rules For Using Apple AirPods On A Plane (By Airline Provider)

Apple Airpods Used On Plane In Airplane Mode

You’re planning to fly on an airplane and want to bring your AirPods along for some in-flight entertainment. Using AirPods on a plane is generally allowed, but some airlines only allow the use of Bluetooth devices under specific circumstances. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) determined passenger use of Apple AirPods and other Portable Electronic Devices … Read more

How To Increase Bass On AirPods: 6 Effective Solutions

Apple AirPods Bass Increase

Apple AirPods tend to have a well-rounded bass, especially the newer AirPods Pro. If you’re experiencing a low bass sound (or no bass at all), one of your audio settings is probably causing the problem. There are several solutions that can help you fix your issue. To increase the bass sound on your Apple AirPods, … Read more

3 Solutions To Make Your AirPods Pro Fit Better

AirPods Pro Fit Better

If your new AirPods Pro keep falling out and you want them to fit better in your ear, there are a few solutions. While Apple designed AirPods to fit most types of ears, everyone is unique. Luckily, a lot of headphone modifications for improved comfort are available. The best way to make AirPods Pro fit … Read more

11 Ways To Make AirPods Volume Louder If The Sound Is Low

AirPods Sound Low How To Make Music Louder

Experiencing problems with low sound volume or muffled audio on your Apple AirPods? The solution to making your music louder is not far away. There are several fixes to help make your quiet AirPods louder again. If the Apple AirPods sound volume is too low, turn off Low Power mode and charge your AirPods for … Read more

Are AirPods Suitable For Cycling?

Do AirPods Fall Out Bicycle

Many people like to listen to music while biking. AirPods are usually the device of choice, as they are some of the most widely used wireless earbuds on the market. They might not be the best performers outdoors, but during most cycling trips they are completely fine. In the majority of circumstances, Apple AirPods are … Read more

6 Ways To Stop Your AirPods From Cutting Out

Why AirPods Keep Cutting Out Interference

If you’re wondering why your AirPods keep cutting out, you’re not the only one. Fixing and preventing this problem is actually a lot easier than you might think. The two main reasons Apple AirPods keep cutting out are Bluetooth signal interference and low battery. To solve the problem, make sure your AirPods are fully charged, … Read more

Can Music From AirPods Be Heard By Others?

Can Music From AirPods Be Heard By Others

Wireless earbuds like Apple AirPods are not 100% isolating. They will ‘leak’ some of the sounds out into the environment. Music volume and the type of surroundings impact how much of your music will be picked up by the people around you. Music from AirPods Pro is less likely to be heard by others due … Read more

How Likely Is It That Apple AirPods Explode?

AirPods Explode While Charging

While both fake and official Apple AirPods can burn and explode, it’s not very likely to happen. But it’s a real risk you as an Airpod user should be aware of. Especially under one very specific circumstance. Apple AirPods rarely ever explode, the odds of this happening are 1 in 50 million. In a handful … Read more

Do AirPods Cause Headaches?

Do AirPods Cause Headaches

Music is generally associated with feeling good. So why does listening to some music with Apple AirPods give you headaches? A few theories exist for the cause of this painful problem. While AirPods can cause headaches, it is common for any type of headphones to cause a headache when placing the earbuds too deep into … Read more

Can You Wear Apple AirPods With Any Ear Piercing?

Wear AirPods With Diath Tragus Piercing

AirPods are immensely popular accessories among young people. Apple’s wireless headphones fit almost any type of ear. But does this claim hold up for people with an ear-piercing? In general, Apple AirPods can be worn together with any type of piercing. The wireless headphones do not interfere with a Daith, tragus, conch, rook, or snug … Read more