About The Creator

Hi, I’m Arnold, and welcome to my blog! This is the place where I share my most nerdy side. Anything from PC components to retro gaming, and from home theater setups to cable management.

It amazed me that there are so few resources on the internet for basic, simple questions related to gadgets, PC components, video games, and related topics. I felt like it would be awesome to make this world accessible to everyone.

So that’s why I decided to make this tech blog, to answer basic, simple questions in the most accessible way possible. Hopefully, someone finds value in the wide range of technology topics discussed here.

My aim on this blog is definitely to help people that are less tech-savvy than I am.

It’s what I’ve done my whole life, and I’d love to pass on some of my obscure PC components and gaming knowledge to the masses through this blog.

Let me know if my content helped you out!

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