Is It Worth It To Buy A PS5 Right Now?

Is PS5 Worth It

The popularity of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) on launch was obvious: empty shelves and endless waiting lists. Many people thought it was worth it to buy the PS5 from the first day it released. How this will be for you, depends on two things only: your budget and the games you’re excited about. It’s definitely … Read more

How To Connect A PS5 Controller To PC (Wired vs. Wireless)

Connect PS5 Controller To PC Bluetooth Wireless

While it’s possible to connect a PS5 controller to a PC, functionality will be limited. As of today, Sony is not planning to release official Windows drivers for their PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. This means that some DualSense features won’t be supported by your PC. It’s likely that an unofficial software tool (similar to DS4Windows … Read more

Is It Safe To Wear AirPods Pro In The Shower?

Wear AirPods In Shower

Earlier, I talked about the risk of wearing AirPods Pro in the rain. The shower and bath are probably even riskier for your headphones. Wireless earbuds now have to face a lot of water ánd heat simultaneously. A dangerous combination, because Apple is very clear on its guidelines. Never wear AirPods Pro in the shower, … Read more

Can You Wear AirPods In A Tanning Bed?

Wear AirPods In Tanning Bed

Some people wear their AirPods all day, even when they visit a sunbed in their local spa (by the way, don’t wear AirPods in the shower). Tanning beds are the perfect location to listen to some music and relax, while you slowly get your tan on. But is it safe to use your wireless earbuds … Read more

Can You Wear AirPods (Pro) To Sleep?

Can You Wear Airpods Pro To Sleep

Wearing your AirPods Pro to sleep almost feels natural. Most people wear their wireless headphones throughout the day (hopefully you’re not wearing them in the shower or bath though), so falling asleep with them makes a lot of sense. Sleeping with wireless headphones (such as the AirPods Pro) is better than sleeping with wired earbuds, … Read more

Can AirPods Survive The Washing Machine Without Damage?

Can Airpods Survive Washing Machine

You’d be amazed what people accidentally throw into the washing machine. Not even wireless AirPods (and wired Earpods) are safe from the washer or dryer. It’s likely you encountered this problem as well. So what can you expect once you pull your earbuds out of the machine? AirPods are able to survive in the washing … Read more

Why People Unironically Wear Their AirPods Upside Down

Wear Airpods Upside Down

People are wearing their AirPods upside down. Not as a fashion statement, but for a very specific reason. If you’re worried that the music will come out of the earbuds upside down, worry not. The impact of wearing them differently is practically zero. Users wear AirPods upside down to increase the comfort of wearing the … Read more

What USB Type Does The PS5 Controller Use?

What USB Type Does The PS5 Controller Use

The DualSense PlayStation 5 controller is a full revolution compared to the PS4 DualShock controller, including the USB type used for charging. It seems like Sony has changed almost everything about their new DualSense design. Different from the PS4 controller (using the USB 2.0 Micro standard), PS5 controllers use a USB-C cable connection to charge. … Read more

Does The PS5 Support 100hz, 120hz Or 144hz Screens?

Does PS5 Support 100hz 120hz or 144hz

Should you pick 100 Hz, 120 Hz, or 144 Hz for the ultimate PS5 experience?  Picking the right television or PC monitor for your PlayStation 5 can be quite complicated. Hertz (Hz) refers to the refresh rate of the screen. In other words: how many times the screen refreshes itself each second. A higher refresh … Read more

Will A PS5 Controller Also Work On PS4?

Will PS5 Controller Work On PS4

Those fortunate enough to purchase a PlayStation 5 will likely own a PlayStation 4 as well. And wouldn’t it be nice to own an extra controller for your old game console? After all, your PS5 purchase does come with its own DualSense controller. Unfortunately, the standard PS5 DualSense controller will not work with a PS4. … Read more