Can You Wear AirPods In A Tanning Bed?

Some people wear their AirPods all day, even when they visit a sunbed in their local spa (by the way, don’t wear AirPods in the shower). Tanning beds are the perfect location to listen to some music and relax, while you slowly get your tan on. But is it safe to use your wireless earbuds in such an environment?

Wearing AirPods in a tanning bed will have no negative effects on the wireless earbuds. However, long-term exposure of your AirPods to heat or UV radiation from the tanning bed can damage the electronics inside the device.

Since temperatures inside a sunbed can get quite warm, it is advisable to remove any expensive electronics beforehand. Especially make sure to remove your iPhone or Android smartphone, as the radiation could damage those devices permanently.


Can AirPods Overheat In A Tanning Bed?

One of the main problems AirPods have is that they are likely to overheat. Because tanning beds can have temperatures of up to 102 degrees F (39 degrees C), short-term exposure inside a tanning bed cannot cause AirPods to overheat. Short interval tanning shouldn’t cause any problems.

Several minutes of tropical heat will not damage your wireless earbuds, because they are designed for use in tropical climates as well.

According to Apple, the ideal operating temperature of AirPods is between 32º to 95º F (0º to 35º C). A tanning bed can be slightly warmer than this (up to 102º F or 39º C), but the short intervals of a tanning session shouldn’t be able to damage the earbuds whatsoever. And no, your AirPods are not able to explode.


Don’t Charge AirPods Inside A Tanning Bed

It’s quite normal for AirPods to warm up while charging. If you bring your charging case inside the indoor tanning bed, the extra generated heat could actually cause the earbuds to generate too much heat.

So in order to protect your expensive wireless Apple earbuds, don’t attempt to charge them in any way in a sunbed. If your battery has run low, simply leave the tanning bed location and charge then in another location. This will avoid any potential overheating problems.

Please make sure to refer to the ideal operating temperatures for AirPods that are provided by Apple, as mentioned earlier in this article. These instructions can also be found in the guidebook that you will receive with the purchase of your devices.


Can The UV Radiation Damage AirPods?

Tanning beds radiate a relatively large amount of UV radiation, which is potentially harmful to human health. For electronics such as the AirPods, UV radiation exposure is unlikely to cause damage to the device. Only with continuous, prolonged exposure to plastic can UV radiation damage AirPods, but this would take countless hours of exposure.

UV radiation is highly unlikely to damage the gadgets that you choose to take with you inside the indoor tanning bed. UV radiation from sunbeds will pose a risk to your skin health before it will pose a risk to your electronic devices.


Wearing AirPods In Tanning Beds Is Safe

Getting your summer tan ready can be a fun and relaxing experience. Since it’s possible to sleep with AirPods, you shouldn’t worry about them fallout out or being uncomfortable. And you can rest assured that you can listen to music while doing it. Wearing AirPods or AirPods Pro inside a tanning bed should not cause any problems. Heat exposure is limited and UV radiation cannot damage the gadgets in such small amounts.

Make sure to fully charge your AirPods before getting inside the indoor sunbed, as charging them while tanning would be a bad idea. The excess heat from charging the earbuds could result in overheating problems.

The only thing you should really be worried about inside the tanning bed is your own skin color. Limit your exposure to harmful UV radiation, but enjoy your tanning session with your favorite music on your wireless headphones!

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