Will DVD Players Play CDs As Well?

Can DVD Player Play CD As Well

Not a lot of people know that DVD players accept a wide range of filetypes and rewritable DVD discs. Audio is playable by your DVD player as well, so your CDs could definitely be used on your television, and it won’t matter much which type of DVD device you own. All DVD players are able … Read more

Do DVDs Look Better On A Blu-Ray Player?

Do DVDs Look Better On A Blu-Ray Player

A Blu-ray player will play a DVD disc, but will it also look better? A lot of people are wondering if it’s worth it to revisit their old collection of DVD movies. Viewing an older movie on a modern HD television can definitely improve the viewing experience. DVDs will look better on a Blu-ray player, … Read more

Are DVDs Dying Out? Will The DVD Disc Become Obsolete?

Are DVDs Dying Out Will DVD Become Obsolete

It’s no secret that DVD sales have been on the decline for years. So are DVDs dying out? Will that nostalgic round disc become obsolete in the near future? While predicting the future is difficult, it is likely that DVDs will experience a similar fate to VHS movies. DVDs will never completely die out. As … Read more

How To Play A Region-Locked DVD Or Blu-Ray

Are DVDs Region Locked

All movies on DVDs and Blu-ray discs are region-locked. If you’ve imported a DVD or Blu-ray movie from another continent, this can be an issue. If your DVD player’s region code is not compatible with the DVD disc region code, the movie cannot be played. DVDs are region-locked to control the export market. Manufacturers of DVD … Read more