How Likely Is It That Apple AirPods Explode?

While both fake and official Apple AirPods can burn and explode, it’s not very likely to happen. But it’s a real risk you as an Airpod user should be aware of. Especially under one very specific circumstance.

Apple AirPods rarely ever explode, the odds of this happening are 1 in 50 million. In a handful of documented cases, wireless AirPods have exploded while charging for too long (overcharging). All known cases were caused by a battery malfunction in the AirPods.

Apple has already put measures in place to avoid future explosions from happening. In one instance, an investigation started after a Florida man’s ear ‘blew up’ after using AirPods during a workout.

Save yourself the ‘Florida man memes’, because the alleged incident was serious. While it’s known that AirPods don’t mix well with water, having your AirPods explode in your ear is extremely rare.


What Causes AirPods To Explode?

Currently, there is no official evidence, not even a statement produced by Apple, to tell us why their AirPods exploded and what you can do to prevent this from happening.

However, we don’t take no for an answer.

Going from the already known AirPods explosions, there are a few things users can do to avoid a possible explosion:

  • Replace batteries often: Used, older products may be worn out. This could cause the battery to malfunction.
  • Charge responsibly: Cross-using charger cables and casing can cause your battery to overheat and catch flame.
  • Avoid water: Electricity and water don’t mix well. AirPods are not waterproof, only sweat- and water resistant.
  • Avoid knock-offs: Fake AirPods are made with low-quality products and less technical skills. This could cause your product to catch flame or explode.


How To Use AirPods Responsibly

Now, you may have Apple phones, AirPods, or watches in your possession. Using these daily causes wear and tear on the product, and we really want to avoid your devices from exploding.

Reduce the chance of such an incident by doing the following:

  • ONLY purchase high-quality brand named products
  • Do not leave your AirPods, Smartwatches, or phones on charge for longer than needed.
  • Eliminate overheating situations by never leaving your product on a car dashboard or in a place that receives a lot of sunlight.
  • Make sure to not coss use charing cases and cables.
  • Never use a product that has recently come in contact with water.


Your AirPods Won’t Explode In Your Ear

The chances of an exploding AirPod happening are very slim “About 1 in 50 million, slightly less than the odds of being struck by lightning”, though Apple had experienced claims of dealing with explosive battery-powered headgear in the past.

Though when you purchase such expensive, high-quality products, you wouldn’t expect such incidents to happen, instead you would want Apple to set the standard for other brands with the same products!


An Incident Where AirPods Did Explode In Use

  • May 19th, 2020: A Chinese man named Zheng Tang, 23, reported his AirPods exploded while he was on a call.

He sustained minor injuries, and medical records that were retrieved by reporters confirmed these allegations with proof of an anterior skin rupture in the wall of the man’s ear canal, which had been injured due to the explosion.

The condition was improving, although he still experienced mild pain and hearing loss, so he decided to return to the doctor, where they noticed a rather severe swelling and oozing blood coming from his ear.

A crack in the anterior cartilage or his right ear canal was discovered, and blood accumulation in the tympanic cavity.

Although the condition was mild and improved, the man was compensated for his injuries by Apple.


Other Times Apple AirPods Exploded

Exploding Apple AirPods have been documented a few times, although most of the occurrences have been kept silent to ensure no damage would be done to Apple’s reputation.

However, you will be happy to know that out of the few times this has happened that we know of, most cases of exploding AirPods occurred while they were charging.

It’s a common fact that all batteries are capable of malfunctioning, though you might not expect this from a product in such a high price range.


AirPods Exploded When Left On Charge

A user of the Apple AirPods Pro, who chose to stay anonymous, claimed, with photo evidence, that his Apple AirPods exploded when he left them on charge.

The photos showed that the casing of the AirPods and the AirPods themselves melted due to burns.

The user claimed that he only used certified Apple Airpod casing and cables to charge his AirPods. The damage to his AirPods was undeniable, as the case was left in two pieces, and the Airpods themselves also burned and broke in half.

The explosion incident was brought to the attention of Apple and is being investigated.


More Apple Products Exploding?

There were two cases in March 2021 where Apple products allegedly exploded due to overheating. In 2019, a user of an Apple iPhone X reported that his phone exploded in his pocket.

One more user claimed that their Apple watch exploded while wearing the watch, which caused rather severe burns to their arm.

It’s safe to note that there have been a few cases of Apple products exploding, catching fire, and harming users. However, you must know this is not a common occurrence.

There have been several cases where smartphones, watches, and AirPods exploded from various brands. Still, just as some products that you purchase are faulty, an explosion or catching fire is only a more severe fault in manufacturing.

Apple products are known for their high-end quality, and the chances of an incident like this happening to you are rather slim.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, follow the instructions given to you by the brand themselves. Furthermore, Apple is a good quality brand, and you should feel safe using their products, despite the few recorded incidents.

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