Can Apple AirPods Be Used In The Gym?

Using AirPods (Pro) at the gym makes a lot of sense. Most people listen to music while working out. Apple’s wireless earbuds aren’t fully waterproof, so is the sweat and movement going to make it hard to use?

The first and second-generation AirPods should not be used in the gym while working out, as they are not resistant to sweat. AirPods Pro are IPX4-rated and sweat-resistant and designed to be used while exercising at the gym.

AirPods do not easily fall out of your ear while exercising at the gym. However, heavy workout movement can cause the wireless earbuds to fall out occasionally. Runners consistently report that AirPods won’t fall out while running, or while doing light exercises.


Using Apple AirPods In The Gym

If you’re planning on using your Apple headphones during your regular gym workout, it’s best to choose the AirPods Pro. These aren’t just superior audio-wise, but they are also better at sweat resistance. Apple has specifically designed the Pro-version for exercising.

Apple claims that all versions of the AirPods Pro are IPX4 sweat- and water-resistant:

  • AirPods Pro are suitable for all non-water sports and exercise;
  • Resistance might wear off over time as the devices are used;
  • Don’t charge your wet AirPods Pro (here are the official instructions for drying).


If you are attached to your classic first- or second-generation AirPods, they can still be used for a gym workout. However, make sure that you don’t sweat too much around the ears. They are also a bit more likely to fall out of your ears while exercising or running.


Best AirPods For A Gym Workout

If you’re looking for the best AirPods to use at the gym, any generation of these AirPods Pro are the preferred choice. They are sweat-resistant under IEC standard 60529, and they do not have a tendency to fall out of your ears during a gym workout.

Some people will even keep wearing their AirPods in the shower at the gym, but that’s not recommended. These electronics aren’t designed to be submerged underwater. Some light splashes won’t cause any problems, but don’t take them into a shower or sauna at the gym.


Do AirPods Fall Out While Running?

It is highly unlikely that Apple Airpods of any generation will fall out of your ears while running. The wireless earbuds were specifically designed to remain comfortably inside your ears while moving around.

That being said, heavy movement or shaking of the head could cause the earbuds to loosen their ‘grip’ on the inner ear. This could cause them to fall out while exercising, for example.

However, under normal circumstances, running and using gym equipment shouldn’t be a problem while using your AirPods. Out of the 10 times using them, they will remain firmly in your ears 9 times. So don’t worry too much about that!

Here are some quick practical tricks to stop AirPods from falling out:


Do AirPods Fall Out When You Sweat?

Sweating will not cause your Apple AirPods (Pro) to fall out more easily. If you’re overheating due to a workout or warm environment, the sweat on your ears is unlikely to reduce the grip of the AirPods.

That’s good news for people that excessively sweat in the gym. As long as you avoid the (cheaper and older) first and second-generation AirPods, you should have no problem with using them for sports.

Even if you live in a warm or more humid climate, your fitness routine can be a musical one. So feel free to listen to your own music on our wireless earbuds anytime you like. Just remember to take them off before showering.


Wearing AirPods Around The Gym Complex

It’s completely fine to change into your sports outfit wearing headphones. However, don’t wear AirPods in a tanning bed or sauna. A lot of these warmer, moisture-filled environments can cause your AirPods to break down rapidly.

The ideal temperature range for Apple AirPods should remain between 32º to 95º F (0º to 35º C). Slightly going outside of this temperature range shouldn’t be a problem. But wearing them during an indoor ski trip or a damp and warm sauna is not recommended.

If you’re done with your workout, don’t take them into the shower complex either. If you feel the need to throw water over your head or face, remove the AirPods first. Dry your face (and especially your ears) before inserting Apple’s wireless headphones again. That should avoid any problems with water, since none of the AirPods are fully waterproof.


Using AirPods In A Gym Is No Problem

As long as your local gym facility allows people to bring and play their own music, you are good to go. Specifically, the AirPods Pro are designed to be used for exercising and sports (excluding water sports).

Using a bit of common sense is the best course of action. Wear your wireless headphones on the occasions where you’re doing a light (or moderate) workout. If you’re at the gym, you can absolutely use them for cardio. If you’re deadlifting a new record, take them out. They will probably fall out of your ears, and it won’t be pleasant.

Weightlifting exercises are probably worse for using headphones than stamina-focused gym equipment. Lifting weights involves a lot of the body, and you will also use a lot of face- and ear muscles in the process. It might not be the sweat that causes the problem, but the intense movements.

What’s your personal experience with wearing AirPods during gym exercises? Have they ever broken down or fallen out of your ears? Feel free to join the discussion in the comment section below this article. If this overview helped you and you want to share it with someone you know, make sure to share it on your social media.

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