Why AirPods Will Not Go Down In Price Anytime Soon

Waiting for those new AirPods Pro to drop in price? Don’t even try. Wireless Apple earbuds will not go down in price anytime soon. Some people might want to consider alternatives to the branded AirPods, which are more affordable.

There are many cheap alternatives to AirPods that are superior, such as the EarFun Air.

But — and I get this — these aren’t the real deal. They’re essentially considered ‘fake AirPods’. Probably nobody wants to be seen wearing them. If you’re on a budget, saving up is the best strategy. Buying AirPods at a discount is only possible when:

  • You catch a nice deal at a retail store (e.g. using a discount promo)
  • You choose to buy refurbished AirPods
  • You buy second-hand AirPods on eBay or similar websites
  • You wait for the next generation of AirPods to be released


Apple Wants You To Pay A Higher Price

Apple uses a premium pricing strategy. This changes the perception consumers have: higher prices are more desirable. Apple products aren’t just for convenience, they’re a fashion statement. People want to be seen with AirPods.

The more profit Apple takes on a product, the happier its consumers will be.

This might seem counter-intuitive. But realize this: users want to feel like they’re buying something exclusive. Higher prices make for a good ‘premium’ feel, without changing the product itself.

But perhaps you’ve noticed that older generations of AirPods did go down in price. That’s also part of the Apple pricing strategy! Whenever a new generation of AirPods is released, the older ones are considered ‘obsolete’. Buyers will want to have the newest version. So if you’re ready to wait, prices will drop.


Should You Buy AirPods Now?

Waiting on AirPods or AirPods Pro to drop in price is ineffective — it’s better to buy them now. AirPods are unlikely to drop in price, because Apple has a clear pricing strategy that fixes the retail price. Apple Store pricing rarely ever drops, unless a new generation of AirPods is released.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find any discounts on AirPods.

The Christmas holidays, Black Friday and even summer deals might allow you to purchase your true wireless earbuds cheaper. If you know where to look. But if you’re waiting on a permanent price drop, you’re better off just paying for them right away. You can find the cheapest seller here on Amazon.


The Lazy Way To Make Prices Go Down

Lazy people like me like to be efficient. Don’t wait for the price drop to come to you, but make the price go down yourself. There are so many ways to get expensive gadgets for cheap, especially if they’ve been out for a while.

Buying electronics at a retail price really isn’t necessary. Check if you have some coupon codes or discount codes lying around. These could help you lower the price even more. Big chains like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart have discount programs, gift cards, or similar ways to lower pricing.

Go to websites that compare the cheapest prices, and find the best AirPods Pro deal in your country. Even Techradar does that nowadays.

Or go to your local mall and find a lesser-known brick-and-mortar electronics shop. Some will lure in customers with premium products for discount prices. Some can help you shave off something from the price if you’re a regular customer. It’s all about finding those deals now. Waiting usually isn’t worth it if you do your research.


AirPods Prices Will Go Down (But It Will Take Years)

Life is short, and AirPods lifespan is even shorter. That’s why I urge you to just follow your dreams. Get them. Enjoy life. Get out there and show off what you got. If you have the money to spare, just buy some. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Is it really worth it to wait until a new generation of AirPods is announced by Apple?

Sure, the price might drop a bit after a new generation is released. But the opportunity cost of not buying something can be higher. You will have to postpone your enjoyment for months, sometimes even years.

Prices of the current generation of AirPods will go down, but it will take a very long time. You can choose to spend your time waiting on something better to be released, or settle for what’s available now. That brings me to say a few words on the upcoming AirPods 3. Because the same principles for buying a new product apply there.


Should You Wait For AirPods 3?

The third generation of Apple AirPods is unlikely to outperform AirPods Pro significantly. Only wait for AirPods 3 if you are certain you don’t want to invest in the premium AirPods Pro version. It is uncertain how long the wait for the AirPods 3 release is, but it’s planned to roll out in late 2021.

Because Apple keeps pushing out newer versions of their wireless earbuds, waiting for a new generation seems ineffective.

The second generation of AirPods is currently available for a relatively low price (around $159 USD for the standard version). If you’d like a better listening experience, you could choose to invest in the (better) AirPods Pro. These are priced at $249 USD, but can sometimes be found cheaper. The extra investment will give you a similar performance boost to ‘waiting for AirPods 3’.


AirPods Are A Waste Of Money (If You’re Like Me)

As a tech nerd, I love to find the best performing products. Apple AirPods aren’t on that list. But I share a lot about them on my blog, because they’re popular. But there are cheaper, better alternatives. There’s a reason why I suggested looking into the superior EarFun Air devices.

If you’re on a budget, I don’t see why you would want to pay so much money for an inferior Apple product.

The only benefit AirPods Pro might have is their social status. They’re a fashion statement, and they’re well known by millions. That’s why people wear them, because there are so many good (and cheap) alternatives around.

Personally, I feel like wireless earbuds aren’t worth it anyway. That’s my opinion. You might have another.

If you absolutely don’t care about what other people think: don’t get AirPods. Get some damn EarFun’s. or some wired headphones. You don’t have to be afraid to kill them in the shower. They’re products you can use, replace and take with you.

Nobody is going to steal your cheap $10 USD headphones. And the audio quality isn’t going to be far off the AirPods. Living without fear and without care of other people’s opinions can be liberating!

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